Automatic updater does not work

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We had clients where the automatic updater did not work, they were receiving a message that the folder already exists. We recommend try to contact the hosting company about this. Most probably that the folder with the theme does not have write permissions which is stopping the updater from replacing the files/folders.

You can try to do a manual update of the theme by activating maintenance mode, deleting the old files and uploading the old ones. You will not lose any website settings/content if you are doing it like this.

So, what we recommend in this case:

  1. Install and activate a maintenance mode plugin to make sure visitors are not seeing this. You can check this out:
  2. Go to Appearance->Themes, activate another theme and remove the Esquise themes from there.
  3. Download the new version of the theme from ThemeForest
  4. Upload and activate the new theme version
  5. Deactivate Maintenance mode.



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