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General theme options tab

General theme options tab

in Theme options Tags: generaltheme options

Enable preloader for website?

This option can add to your website a fancy preloader that will wait till all the page will be loaded. You can use it only for homepage, or for the entire website.

Convert time to human time

This option will convert the times shown on the website (theme parts) and show it with an “ago” style. Example: 2 days ago

Enable lightbox

This option enables/disables the lightbox for images . These will apply to featured images inside posts, inside galleries. We recommend to enable this option for better usability and user experience.

Enable Image Lazy Loading

If set to yes, the images from most of the builder elements will be preloaded. Basically, the images will not be shown until you scroll down and they get into the viewport. This will improve your website speed significantly, but use with care. Might conflict with some scripts or plugins. Please report to our help desk if you have issues.

Which comment system you want to use?

You can configure what comment system you will use. The default WordPress comments or Facebook comments. If you need Disqus comments, you will need the plugin.

Lock content if AdBlock is enabled

Will enable the AdBlock blocker. When a user with active AdBlock plugins tries to access your website, the content from the page will be removed and a modal box will be shown alerting the user that he should disable it in order to view content.

Facebook modal box

This will show a Facebook modal box once the user will enter your website. This is used for gathering likes for your Facebook page.

Enable sticky menu

This options gives you possibility to enable or disable the sticky menu, also you can change here the sticky menu background and text colors. Sticky menu is the menu that appears whenever you scroll lower than top menu.

Enablet likes

This will add a like element ( button ) to post and this is used sometimes to sort post by likes and in other options.

Likes Icon

Here you can choose the icon that you want to show for like element.

Generate Likes

This option will generate a random number of likes for post.

Tracking code

Here you can add your google analytics tracking code, or any other script you need.

Grid view excerpt size

Here you enter the maximum characters showed in excerpt for your grid articles.

List view excerpt size

Here you enter the maximum characters showed in excerpt for your list view

Big post view excerpt size

Here you enter the maximum characters showed in excerpt for your big posts view.

Timeline view excerpt size

Here you enter the maximum characters you want to show for excerpt.

User posts status

Set the default status for the posts published by users.

Custom post slugs

You can change what is shown in the URL of the browser for custom posts. For example, if you don’t want videos or galleries to be names like this in the browser URL, you can change them here. Also, you can change this for the  custom post archive pages as well.



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