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How to create a gallery post

How to create a gallery post

in Avena

With Avena, it’s easy to create a gallery post. It actually the same process as for creating a normal WordPress post. So, below are the steps for creating your own gallery with your own gallery styles and options:

  1. Create a new gallery post
    Click on the Galleries tab from the WP Dashboard to create a new post
  2. Set your post details like the post title, text, categories and the featured image

  3. Upload/set the images you want for your gallery post
    After adding the default parts of the post, we’ll need to add the gallery images. This can be done in the Gallery Settings Meta box:

    Please not that the meta box can be lower, so you might need to scroll down to find it.
  4. Choose your gallery style

    As you can see, your should have another meta box with the Post options. There, you can easily change the gallery style you want to use. By using the Standard, it will use the gallery you have set globally (Apperance->Theme options->Single post). You can try different styles and options, we’re sure you’ll find one that suits your needs.

That is all, nice and easy to do.



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