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How to edit front-end submission forms

How to edit front-end submission forms

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Our latest themes (Foodbook, Venosa and newer) have the latest front-end submission engine, which is very customizable but for non-initiated users a bit more complicated. We recommend using the default styles for your project, but in case you need to customize them – here is a tutorial on how to edit the fields and layout shown there.

First of all – this is was done use the Foodbook theme. Functions and options might be a bit different for different themes, but the steps are more or less the same. Starting up, make sure you have the TouchCodes plugin installed and active. Once that is done, you will get the User front-end tab for the theme options panel.

Getting to the front-end form

In order to get to your front-end forms editor, follow the screenshot steps shown below:

As you can see above, you need to navigate to the theme options panel and open the User Frontend tab. There, on the top right corner you’ll find the Frontend forms button. Click on that button to open the list of your forms. It is exactly the same layout for listing all posts in the Dashboard for all tabs.

When installing the theme you should get something similar to this: A default or “Imported” form. As you can see, the form is used to add ts-recipe post type, all posts submitted from the front-end form will be pending review and it is currently active. Note that if you have more forms added, only one can be selected like “Active”. Let’s edit the actual form. Just click the title like you would do for a default post.

Editing the form

Once you followed the steps above, you should get to the actual form fields. As you can see, the form contains the default fields in there. You can edit, remove, add new ones (by clicking on the buttons on the right column, depending on the type of field you want to use).

You can find a lot of options for each type of fields, you can try and play with them all.

Setting the right type of post type

This is a common problem, users are expecting that the custom fields will show for all types of posts. It will only be active for the type of post you select for the active form. Below is a screenshot of how to change the post type to something else. Let’s say for example you want the posts added through the front-end forms to be “post”. In order to change this, you need to go to the “Post settings” tab for the form details like shown below:

As you can see from the screenshot, you have a lot of options available for the form. You can change the post type used, the post status for newly added posts, a default category if you don’t use the category/taxonomy fields and so on.

Notifications for new posts and updated posts

The forms can be set to set your notifications via email when a post is added or edited on your website. You simply need to navigate to the Notification tab of the form options.

The video

You can also check out this video to get an idea of how this works:



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