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How to export and import a whole builder-based page

How to export and import a whole builder-based page

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Often we have the necessity to import a complete page that was built with the drag and drop builder. This happens when you want for example to import a page you’ve built on a different server and you want to migrate it to another one. Below is a detailed article on how to do this.

Export a page

First of all we need to edit the page you want to export or get the export details from. Edit the page in the WP Dashboard and find the Import/Export meta box like shown in the screenshot below:

As you can see there are 2 textareas, one with the Export options and the other is empty. You can export the page layout by copying the whole code that is inside the textarea.

Import a page

First of all, make sure the layout builder is activated. This can be done by clicking the “Toggle layout builder” button just below the title. Then, scroll and find the Import/Export options meta box like shown in the image above. This image above contains an empty textarea that is used for the import. Basically, you need to copy the contents from the Export options textarea and paste the contents on the new page into the Import options textarea. Once the whole content was copied you will need to hit the Publish/Update button for the page (from WordPress). After this is done, you should have the imported layout on the new page.



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