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How to import and export builder elements

How to import and export builder elements

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It’s easy to migrate, import and export different elements on your pages. For example, if you have a complex element created on a page and you want to copy it on another page, we have the Import/Export option available.

Row Export/Import

To export and import a row you need to have a page with rows and elements added into it. When editing the page (using the builder) you should get a button on top of the row to edit the options like in the screenshot below:

Options (blue button)

After you click on that button, a series of buttons should appear including the export and import button. See screenshot below:

As you can see, once the options button is clicked the export and import buttons appear. The rest, is quite simple. Once you click the export button, you should receive a modal box with the code for import inside a textarea. Copy the whole code.

Row import

Create a new row, blank without any elements inside it. Then click the Options button -> Import. Once clicked, a modal box with a textarea should appear. That is where we paste the code we got when exported the row. Once pasted, click to save the settings and the row elements should be processed. Simple!

Elements export

To export and element, there is a button on each one to export one. Once clicked you should receive the code for export. Copy it and keep it to your clipboard until a new element is created.

Elements import

In order to import an element, you will need to create a new element. From the list of elements available select the Import element. You should get a textarea where you can paste the element export code.



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