How to set up Instagram widget

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First of all, make sure you go to the Instagram Developer center to create a new app. The link where you can find this is:

Lately, Instagram are verifying the client and users that want to use their APIs. This means you will have to check-in the “Developer Signup”.
After getting approved and your account is able to be used, you will need to create a new client. This can be found in the top right corner where you can manage your clients.

When you have it created, you will need to manage it and get your Client ID and Client Secret. (check screenshot below)

Of course, you will need your user id. ATTENTION: CLIENT ID and USER ID are completely different thing. You can use this website to retrieve your user id:
To create an access token you can use our website here: Please, make sure you use the Client ID from Instagram here.


You should be then be able to have your have your Instagram posts available on your website.



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