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How to set up Twitter widget

How to set up Twitter widget

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In order to create a Twitter widget and to be able to automatically retrieve the user tweets, Twitter asks us to create a special app to which we would grant permissions to read our account details and tweets. In the article below, we will show how to get the information you need.

1. Login to your Twitter dev account and create an App

Go to the Twitter developer area, and create your own App. You should something similar to the screenshot below:

2. Enter your Twitter App details

Fill in the form with your Application details, set the right website where the widget will be used and hit the “Create application” button.

3. Navigate to Keys and Access Tokens tab

4. Generate token and get your App details

You should get a screen very similar to the one below, but most probably you won’t have anything in the “Your Access Token” area. Navigate below and hit the “Generate access token & secret” button.

Voila! You now have all the details needed for your Twitter widget. Copy them (carefully) into the Twitter widget form and save it. Now, you can show your Twitter feed on your website which is automatically update when you post a new tweet!



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