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How to use the alternative logo with Slideshow Header

How to use the alternative logo with Slideshow Header

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If you are a customer of Avena, you would know that the header slideshow option can switch logos from dark to light depending on the slideshow background. This was done to make sure you logo and text color are visible depending of the slide background image.

How to use it

It is quite easy to do this actually, but there are a few steps to make:

  1. Add the alternative logo. This can be done in the Appearance->Theme options->Styles tab of the theme options:
  2. Make sure you set the right background option for the galleries. By this, we mean that each gallery, in the post options meta box has an option specific for this called Featured Image style. Below you have a screenshot of it:

    In this option you should make sure that you set the type of image background at the top. So, for example if the image top part has a dark background you should set it as Dark.
  3. Enjoy the switching.



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