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How to use the overlay gradient option

How to use the overlay gradient option

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If you are using one of our latest themes, chances are that you have the gradient overlay option available. What this does is to create an overlay over the featured image of the view. Here is an example of a view using the gradient overlay option:

Screenshot of the Avena theme using the Venice overlay style

To use this functionality, you need to make sure you use one of the following:

  1. Set a gradient style for each post separately. This can be done from the Post options meta box, so you can have different ones for each one of your posts. Check the screenshot below:
  2. From the global options, which affects all the posts that use the “Default” option. This can be found in the Appearance->Theme options->Single post. Check screenshot below:

Making them actually show

Ok, you have some gradient overlays set but they still don’t show on the pages. This is because in order to make sure this does not appear everywhere on the website, you choose which articles exactly have this. When editing one of your posts views (grid, thumbnail, mosaic, etc) in the Styles tab, when you scroll down you should find the option to enable these. Check the screenshot below:

Make sure the option is set to yes, save the element settings and then don’t forget to save the layout settings.

Enjoy the new styles!



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