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Single post tab

Single post tab

in Theme options Tags: metapost optionssingle post

This tab show the options available for most of the post/custom posts available with the theme. Here you can select the meta options, styles for singles and different layouts that the theme offers.

Default layout style

Some themes have different single post styles available. Here you can set a default which will be used for new and old posts by default.

Enable featured posts inside post content

If enabled, it will add a box with latest featured articles after the third paragraph of your content. If the post does not have 3 paragraphs, it will not adding anything.

Autoload next post

If enabled, when user scrolls down to article’s end, next article will be automatically loaded. This enhances the time your visitors spend on the website.

Enable related posts

If enabled, it will add a section of posts that are related to the that is opened. Other options will appear if you enable them, so you can select the post view, number of posts and details about how the related posts should be shown.

Featured posts

The idea is the same as for related posts above, but it will only show posts that are marked as featured from the admin panel post listing.

Posts from same category

Again, same options available, but now you can show users some posts that are from the same category as the post the visitor is viewing at the moment.

Display pagination in single post

If enabled, the editor pagination option will work as default so you can create different pages inside your post.

Display author box

You can globally hide author box on your single posts, so if you don’t to show it on any of your posts. You can enable it manually for each post you create.

Sticky sidebar

You enable or disable the sticky sidebars option. If enabled, it makes the sidebars inside your single post stick when you scroll down.

Show progress bar

When scrolling, it shows the visitor the amount of articles he scrolled down and how much did remains to read.

Limit content width

We recommend using content (text) sections not more than 800px. Text sections that are bigger than this are harder to read.



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