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Styles theme options tab

Styles theme options tab

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In this tab, as you expect you will find options where you can change the styling of theme/your website. Here you can change effects, logo type, backgrounds, header positions, website content width and more.

Logo type

Choose type of logo you want to use, you have the image or text option. If you choose image, you have to upload under Site Identity tab in WordPress Built-in Customizer. (Appearance -> Customize).

Enable retina logo

If enabled this will make the image logo you upload 2 times smaller on the website so that it looks good on high DPI devices. If logo is added in smaller container that it’s size, it will be contained in it. So basically what happens is that your 400x120px logo will be shown on your website as 200x60px.

Boxed layout

If enabled it will add white background to content and limit the boundaries of the site that is set in general settings. Expanded rows and content will work only inside the white box. Useful if you want to add image background to your website but keep your content clean and easy to read.

Enable hover effect

If enabled, it will add overlay effect in post listing views when you mouseover the featured image. Depending on the theme, the style might vary and you might also have some options available for the style you want to use.

Include post format in post views

If enabled, it will add post format icons in the post views, usually above the categories. Note: not available for all themes.

Header position

You might need a special style for your website, and with our themes you have the option to set it. For example you want your header to be positioned on the left. This will stick the header (make it fixed) and your header width will become around 400-500px.

Theme background

Choose if you want to add a color to your website as background, maybe set a background image or even select from patterns available. You can also disable the background completely.

Social media sharing image

The default image that is shown when you share you website homepage. If you are using a SEO plugin, this option might not be needed.

Lazy images placeholder

In some themes, we add the option to set a placeholder until the image is loaded. If you are using the image lazy loading option you can show this image so the user understands that something is loading and there are no blank spaces.

Enable overlay subtle overlay effect for images

If enabled, it will add subtle effect over images in archive pages and single featured images.

Grayscale images in views

If this option is set to Yes, images in views will be converted to grayscale mode. The true color will be shown for the posts when hovering the article.

Enable scroll to top button

If enabled, it will add a button in the bottom right corner of your website. When users click on it, they are automatically sent to the top of your website.

Choose a website default width

This option affects only big screens. Choose any base content width of your website, depending on your content style. You can make your website wider or more narrow using this option.



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